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Shree Ram Colloids Ltd, is a company whose very roots are embedded in the Arid Soil of the Guar growing regions of the Thar Desert in India and whose supply lines are spread all over the World.

The Founder of the company Mr. B. L. SONI, hails from Osian, Rajasthan, which is in the heart of the guar growing region of India. As a first generation entrepreneur, he has been associated with the Guar business, with in depth knowledge about the Guar trade, starting from the sowing of the plant to the final processing to end products.

With his vision and far sightedness, he has nurtured the company to its present position. Starting with a split plant ( for the extraction of the endosperm from the seeds) today the company has vertically integrated its operations from Farm to End User. Upgradation to State of the Art Technology Manufacturing Equipment’s and Quality Management Systems Shree Ram manufactures and exports Guar Gum Powder for various applications ranging from Food to Oilfield Drilling, from mining to printing, from Paper to Textile Printing. Our Buyers are Multinational Companies to whom we are exporting worldwide. His Experience and Knowledge in his chosen field continues to guide the future course for the company

Shree Ram has been in the business of Guar now for more than 45 years. Shree Ram Colloids was envisioned and commissioned to meet the growing needs of the oil drilling industry.

Mr. B.L.SONI, is ably supported by his two sons MR. GIRISH SONI and MR. DILIP SONI, who are actively involved in the day to day operation of the organization. They have worked their way up from the grass root level and have assimilated a thorough knowledge of all operations of the company

Factory 2


In keeping with the demands of the International market , the company has evolved its Quality Management Systems which is today certified as compliant with ISO9001:2015 standards.

The Company’s Quality Policy is reflective of our Founder’s vision

We are committed to :

  • Comply with the requirement of our customers & supply consistent quality product to their satisfaction
  • Develop and offer products and services which are adopted to their increasing demand
  • Implement and continuously improve the quality management system

This shall be achieved by :

  • Communicating, training and involvement of all employees
  • Establishing and reviewing Quality objectives towards the reduction of non-conformities improving overall production


Realising the need and requirement for the future, Mr. B.L.SONI has from the very beginning emphasized the need for a full fledge testing and R&D facility. Accordingly today the production facility has a well equipped Laboratory, with a R&D Facility.

Today Shree Ram Colloids Pvt. Ltd. is a well known name and its brand Osian is recognized for its consistent and excellent Quality. Some of the World’s leading organizations in the food industry are our valued clients.


Shree Ram believes that an enterprise earns from the society and it should pay back to the society and with this view it has implemented Corporate Social Responsibility (‘CSR’) activities.

Under its CSR projects Shree Ram is focusing on education, cleanliness and healthcare activities. It has selected the area of Village Osian which is situated 80 Km. far from Jodhpur and is native place of group promoters. With an intent to give preference to the local area in which the group entities operates and from where it was founded and originated, Osian became the center of CSR activities of the group.

Shree Ram under its CSR project collaborated with VEERAYATAN which is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, established in 1973, working to empower people through seva (service), Shiksha (education) and sadhna (inner development). Shree Ram under its CSR projects established a school in village Osian for providing quality education to the students of the locality. The school will focus on development of the students not only by education but by skill development as well.

In addition to that we are inspired by the Swachh Bharat (Clean India) Mission of Government of India and intends to contribute towards the objective. With this view we have developed public facilities in association with the Gram Panchayat at Osian Bus Stand. The company has established a water cooler for benefit of passengers and general public and constructed a waiting hall with public facilities at the same place. We hope that it will benefit the public at large visiting the place for years together.

In the healthcare segment of CSR, we have developed a physiotherapy center in the Motor Merchant Association Hall for benefit of general public without any discrimination on the basis of cast, creed, race, religion or status. The company established a complete physiotherapy center equipped with 5 beds and 8 physiotherapy equipment and handed over the same to the Motor Merchant Association, Jodhpur for running and maintaining.