Guar Gum is among the most important water-soluble polymers. With major uses are in the oil and gas, textile, paper, food, explosives, and mining industries. Our brand Osian has been specially formulated as per application need in drilling operations and also tailor made as per Buyers specific process requirements.

Oil & Gas

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Osian Guar Gum is used in hydraulic fracturing ( A common industry practice to increase the productivity of oil and gas wells by cracking open the hydrocarbon-bearing zones with hydraulic pressure.) Fast Hydration and High viscosity, at reasonable cost, is required which we at Shree Ram have achieved naturally with no additives or modifications.

Our products are also compatible with a wide range of field waters and can be formulated to loose viscosity at a controlled rate. It is also useful in controlling fluid lost to the porous formations being fractured and in reducing frictional pressure losses while fluid is being pumped.



The last 20 years have seen the growth of a sophisticated technology which are called either slurry explosives or water gel. These compositions are safer to use than previous explosives.

Osian  is used in the formulation of such products. It has the ability ducts to thicken efficiently under a variety of difficult conditions and to be readily crosslinked or gelled that makes them useful.



Osian is used as dye solution thickeners in textile printing applications. They are often oxidized under controlled conditions so that the thickening power of the product vs. concentration is brought to a predetermined level. With increased solubility, it is useful in preventing the buildup on printing screens and aids in their removal by washing after printing.



The major use of Osian is as a wet-end additive. (It  is added to the pulp suspension just before the sheet is formed.) Galactomannans replace or supplement the natural hemicelluloses in paper bonding.

Advantages gained by the addition of Osian to pulp are improved Sheet formation, increased Mullen Burst Strength, pick is increased, Pulp Hydration, Better Finish, decreased porosity, increased flat crush, better retention of fines and increased machine speed.



In this industry, Osian  is widely used as flocculants to produce liquid-solids separations. These may be broadly classified as filtration, settling, or clarification of mineral slurries. Osian is also used in flotation to recover base metals. Osian acts as a depressant for talc or insoluble gangue mined along with the valuable minerals.

Osian Guar products increase the permeability of the filter cake, resulting in an increased filtration rate.



The construction industry has become a major field for use of biopolymers like Osian the application of which is widespread and diverse. Biopolymers like Osian, are also more acceptable as they are environmentally more friendly.

Some of the uses are PRB Construction, Jet Grouting, Concrete Admixtures, Viscosity Modifiers, etc